Sorry, Sweden, I'm Passing on This Trend


There are a lot of great trends that come out of Sweden, especially ones that help us use our space wisely and Home Concept Stores.  Crazy things, like BEIGE being BACK seemed pretty unbelievable, but we are already seeing it pop up around here.  We even got behind dining in the kitchen and subway tile, but this?

Of course, not all trends make it across the water... or at least down here to the Southern USA.

But, Sorry, Sweden, you've gone too far.  This is where I get off the crazy train.

Have you noticed it, too?  What?  Oh, yeah, the square tile.  

Riiiight?  You see it now, don't you?  It's popping up eeeeverywhere in Europe.  And while I realize that it is a very affordable option, I am just not digging it.  It feels cheap.  And it is.  At $.98/per square it is not only affordable, it's a frugal option that I've thought about...

And in the end, I can't get excited about it.  It feels too institutional to me... like a public bathroom.  

That, of course, has not stopped me from pinning a kitchen with it this very week, but I also don't think it's a great option in our area for resale value.  But I could be wrong.  (Not really.  I'm just being polite in case you agree to disagree.)  But what do you think?