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It's in every Issue of Vogue Living, and Elle Decoration seems to think they are da' bomb.  Flip a page or two and there it is:  The Aesop bottle.  When did this Aussie born company get to be the Cool Kid in town?  And is it fashionable because it's awesome or just because everyone happens to be talking about it?

I decided that our home needed an Aesop bottle... or two.  Clearly only for the sake of research. I asked for a couple things for my birthday.  "I'm in it for the bottle," I said, sending my husband on a shopping excursion with a list.  Worse case scenario: I dump the contents and refill it with cheaper junk.

Would it be worth the extra cash?  Probably not, said my skeptic inner voice... but at least my house can stop trying to fake being cool.

After a few months of testing, I am happy to report that Aesop products are like money from heaven, leaving the skin and scalp feeling like a million bucks.   They smell incredible, too, and I don't care whether I, or my home, are cooler because I love these products so much that I'm HOOKED.

If you've got dry winter scalp, buy some  calming shampoo and conditioner.  STAT.  This stuff is BLISS IN A BOTTLE.  REALLY.

My youngest begs for a bath scented with the Geranium Leaf Cleanser.  (He likes the lights turned off and the candles lit, too.  Watch out ladies!)  The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm has been my saving grace throughout the winter months.  (I'll save you the gross details, but in one of my videos I had to use cover up on my hands so I wouldn't scare all of you off.)

As a perpetual skeptic, sometimes it's nice to be surprised every now and then.  Don't you think?

**My opinion is all my own.  I was not tackled, held down, beaten, or paid to pass this nugget of information to you!  Aesop does not make claims to transform you or your home into DA' BOMB DIGGITY, but you never know.  Weirder things have happened!**