So What Makes A European Christmas so GREAT anyways?

There is an ever so slight chill in the air around here and while a lot of people say that hate it and others cheer it on, I land somewhere in the middle.  While I hate being cold (one of the few things I did not like about living in the Nordic!) it sure does feel like the holidays when the leaves are changing color and the nights are growing longer.  

Living in Europe changed my perspective on decorating for the holidays.  I never fully adapted to their ways but I realized that the charm of a European Christmas wasn't all about presents and blinking lights (don't tell my husband!) but abut a celebration of the season and the natural bounty of that time of year. 

These images below from IKEA are a perfect example of what I mean.  The photos don't scream "CHRISTMAS!" but it's more like a soft whisper... "christmas!".  As a stylist, one of the things I always do is try to dissect a photo or a room because it helps me understand what makes it GREAT!  Here, the things jumping out at me are this: a focus on the natural, loads of patina, materials are organic, such as paper and string, and even the food has a raw earthy feel.

What do you see?  Are these the kinds of elements you would love to bring into your own holiday home this year? (Or perhaps you prefer glitz and shine.  We will talk more about that too very soon!) 

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All photos via IKEA.

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