Introducing MY MOM & a peek at the House of Valentina Shop!


House of Valentina Without a doubt one of the top reasons we stayed in Atlanta was to be near family.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  THE top reason we stayed in Atlanta was to be near family.  My mom and I have daydreamed for years about working together in design and real estate and now here we are.  Right on the precipice of launching our House of Valentina store and living out this dream.

I begged her to let me get her on camera so you guys could meet her and she finally caved.  And I have to say, that while she is still learning to get over her camera shyness, she is such an amazing person.  I think you will love her!  I have also realized where I get my laugh from and the silly little tip of my head when I think something is really hilarious.  I wanted to work with my mom because she's funny and hard working and kind, but also because she's talented and has taught me everything I know about keeping a beautiful house (though she does a much better job of making it look SO easy.)  I still haven't figured out how she does that!

Tell her you love her on camera because I really want her to keep coming back to teach us more about how she gardens and bakes and decorates... and always makes every place she goes feel like home!

And for now, we hope you will enjoy seeing how my partner in crime, aka shopping buddy, aka Suzy, and I style up some products for the new shop that is coming very, very soon!


For more shop sneak peeks, go here.  And check out our instagram for up-to-the-minute peeks!