Sneak Peek... We are Almost DONE!!!


Master Bathroom Makeover You are NOT going to believe what I did.  I went way out there with one of my design choices... oh wait.  I went way out there with several of my design choices.  But you already know about the black tub and the tumbled marble which is the antithesis of what current trends dictate.  (Shiny marble, grey vanity, and white or light grey walls!)  And you helped me choose the color.  (The votes were UNANIMOUS!)

We are a breath away from the final result.  It's truly an amazing feeling to be this close to the end!  The yellow walls are gone.  The RED DIAMOND wallpaper is gone!  We are down to the finishing touches and I literally do not want to leave this room.  I know it would make a bigger statement to make you wait until it's all finished but I'm WAY too impatient and I have to give you a sneak peek.  Can you tell what final crazy design choice I made right at the end?

Stay tuned next week for the final result!