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For many families, Sundays are traditionally a slower day dedicated to resting and recharging before jumping back into the craziness of the weekdays.  We especially love to take this time to be together as a family, bake in the kitchen, and maybe take a walk in the woods.  My husband is fairly hopeless in the kitchen (one of the reasons why I tell him to please marry a nice lady who will feed my kids if I were to die!) but I do love that he sits at the table and we chit chat... and he is always my quickest taste tester so that saves me from gobbling up everything myself!  What I hope to share each week with you through this column is a recipe that will inspire you and your family to slow down, maybe spend some time together in the kitchen, and even grab a cup of coffee (or milk for the kids!) and chat away a slow Sunday.

To get us started, these are a donut recipe that my husband wanted to try (i.e., for me to bake for him!) and we really liked them.  I mostly followed this recipe, though instead of dipping the cinnamon and sugar ones in butter, I opted for apple cider to make them extra moist and give a boost of apple flavor.  (Just don't leave them in the cider too long or they will just end up falling apart!)  I also dipped a few in a chocolate glaze... 'cause I have a belief that it's good to be a bit naughty every now and then!

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Valentina Fussell weekend donuts

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