Sleeping On The Floor Is All The Rage

SHARED BOY BEDROOM | House of Valentina-2 Not that I'm trying to stereotype or rag on my own country, but what is up with America's obsession with the high bed?  My mother-in-law's is so high that she has to leave a step stool nearby just so she can try to heft herself in at night.  She's like the princess and the pea with her face just inches away from the ceiling.  Ok. Maybe not quite that close, but in many countries around the world, the bed is much lower to the ground, sometimes even on it.

I can already hear my mom defending the whole of America, "If it's too far down I'll never get back up!"

I'm crushing on some super cool beds for my boys, but they keep telling me that they LOVE sleeping on the floor.  It's easier to jump into... and easier to jump on... or less risky at the very least... and my youngest loves to sit on the floor and play with his toys on his bed.

Either way, I'm happy that they aren't complaining because our furniture hasn't arrived yet and I have some beautiful hand made iron beds that might just fit in here... the boys will be so disappointed!  {smiles}


SHARED BOY BEDROOM | House of Valentina-3

SHARED BOY BEDROOM | House of Valentina-4

SHARED BOY BEDROOM | House of Valentina


SHARED BOY BEDROOM | House of Valentina

1. Linen Duvet 2. Toy Basket 3. Linen Cushion 4. Sweater Blanket 5. Vintage Trunk 6. Task Lamp 7. Storm Trooper