Simplicity is The Ultimate Form of Luxury


Simple Layers :: House of Valentina

This time of year tends to be focused on decluttering, simplifying, and torture (usually in the form of some overly zealous diet resolutions) which is usually because we all partied, celebrated, and splurged a bit too much in December, but January doesn't have to be about self deprecation and retribution.  Simplifying our lives is good if it means that we get rid of what is no longer useful and embrace all the things that really make our days on this earth worth living.

I've been talking a lot lately about luxury and glam, which many people associate with extravagance but really the truly luxurious things in our lives come from within us and our attitudes towards what we have.  True luxury is not for sale.  It is an idea, a feeling, and a thing or moment that feels undefinably exquisite, rather than something that is used to sell things for a higher price tag. Some of the must luxurious moments of our lives are the quiet ones, when we pull away, take time to read a book, soak in a bubble bath, and spend time with the people who make us the happiest.  That is true luxury.

Focus this year on that.  Take time to dance, to sing at the top of your lungs in the shower, to take slow bites of a delicious dessert, try a new hair style, and to fill your days will the simple things that cannot be taken away.

Top Image :: Use Simple Bedding Layers to make Give Your more time in the morning

Cake :: Gather and Feast

Enjoy Your Cake (by Gather and Feast via Bloesem Blog)

Paris Kitchen :: House of Valentina

Declutter the Kitchen Kitchen (via Greige Design)

Goal :: Dance More This Year

Slow Dance

Imagine More

Imagine More

Goal :: Long Walks on the Beach

Get Out More

Camel Coat + Turtle Neck :: House of Valentina

Wear Cozy Layers (Similar Coat + Turtleneck)

Laugh as much a you breath

Laugh as much as You Breathe

Marble + Coffee

Meet up for Coffee with a friend (via Call Me Cupcake)

Heels + Jeans :: House of Valentina

Paint your Toe Nails in the Winter! (via The Daily Edited)

Long Showers...

Take Long Showers, Have Deep Thoughts...

Messy Bun + Cozy Sweaters

Wear Cozy Sweaters + Messy Buns (Similar Sweater)

Cupcake Date

Make a Cupcake Date (via Nicole Jayne White)


Take More Bubble Baths  (via Elle Decor)


Simplify Your Wardrobe (via Just the Design) (Similar Coat, Jeans, Boots)


Jump More

Swedish Simplicity :: Elle Decor :: House of Valentina

Live Simply, Gather for meals more (via Elle Decor)

Calm Living Room

Cuddle on the Couch More (via Joanna Laajisto)


Add a Spritz of your Favorite Fragrance Just before Bed To Give You Sweet Dreams (via Only Deco Love)

Find Yourself :: House of Valentina

Simply Be Yourself, It will save you time, energy, & a lot of frustration


Eat by Candlelight More (via Fashion Squad)

White T Shirt + Jeans

Wear a T Shirt + Jeans (via A Bright Lifestyle) (Love these scoop back T-shirts + Jeans)

What are the Simple Luxuries in Your Life?  May 2016 be your most luxurious year yet!