The Digital Mood Board :: Shades of Grey + Bohemian Vibe


Shades of Grey + Bohemian

Carolina and Cory are making some serious progress on their major home makeover here in Copenhagen.  The walls are being prepped for new electric, plumbing, and will be seeing their first coat of paint very soon and the kitchen has been gutted.  (Isn't it all so exciting?!)  With the renovations moving quickly, Carolina and Cory have some big decisions to make about their decor choices and as their Interiors Coach, I first created a Mood Board that represents the emotions and ideas they expressed for their new home.  Today I want to share with you the digital mood board that has more specific ideas they can use to see how those ideas look when put together in a home.

Sticking with their theme of Shades of Grey (whips optional) with a Bohemian Vibe, I've collected some ideas that show their style so they can really see how their ideas look when put together.  I find this phase of every interiors project to be vitally important because sometimes we think we know what we want until we see it all together and we realize that we don't like something, or maybe something is missing, or that we want more of one thing and less of another.  I'll add all of the photos plus progress shots of Carolina and Cory's place below in case you find some of these images inspiring for your own home!




Eclectic Art + Mid Century Desk + Modern SeatingGrey BedroomGrey Bedroom

Grey Walls + Linen Bedding White + Grey Bedroom

Or White Walls + Grey Bedding

Dark Walls + Pinned Up Artwork

Dark Walls + Pinned Up ArtworkRustic Wood + White Kitchen

Rustic Wood Table + Rustic Elements like baskets and potteryBohemian Maxi Dress

Bohemian Maxi Dress  Rustic Shelves + Moroccan Pottery

Rustic Shelves with Baskets, Wood bowls, + Moroccan Pottery


Natural + Grey Linen Curtains

Linen Curtains

Bohemian Art Wall

Bohemian Art Wall :: Charcoal Nudes, Persian Rug + Abstract Watercolors Bohemian Rug

Worn Bohemian Rug

Elegant Bohemian

Elegant Bohemian with Black Chest + Modern Vase ( or this one!)Linen Lighting

Linen Lighting for a Bohemian + Modern FeelBohemian Bedroom

Bohemian PillowsBranches + Books

Vase + Branches

Pale Bohemian Dress

Pale Bohemian accents Chalk Paint :: Grey Bedroom

Grey Chalk WallsWindow Shelf

Window Shelving + Linen PillowsBlack And White Photo Art Wall

Black and White Photography