Romita and 2016 Interior Spaces to Visit


Romita :: House of Valentina

Ahhh... A New Year has begun and I hope for each one of you it is filled with magic, happiness, and great health!

Now, we all have probably heard that making New Year's resolutions has become a bit "out of vogue" and goals are the latest trend, but either way, the New Year is a great excuse to do a little self evaluation and future planning. Most of us think resolutions and New Year's goals have to be related to health and fitness (ahem.  Totally in need of these myself!) or work/life balance (I seriously need to start going to bed before 1 am!) or keeping the house tidy (Is this a blog post or a confessional?), but I prefer to do a little more daydreaming and focus on things that will make me excited about this year.  (Because as much as some of us love to work out, it's STILL a chore that isn't always fun.)

When it comes to interiors, there are loads of New Year's goals that could get any of us excited, but they definitely do not have to focused solely on our own home.  For 2016, consider daydreaming about spaces you might want to visit that will really inspire you, such as Romita, a beautiful restaurant located inside a two story early 20th century mansion in Rome that boasts beautiful checkered floors, a dramatic greenhouse architectural feel and a retractable glass roof.  Goals, people.  Goals.  They could just about serve dirt and most of us would flock to it, but thankfully the menu includes Fish ceviche topped with Avocado, Beef glazed with Chile Morita sauce and banana empanadas.  Sold.  2016 already has my mouth watering.

Where are some of the spaces you would love to visit this year?  Maybe they are even in your own neighborhood!

Romita :: House of Valentina

Romita :: House of Valentina


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