Renovating Roswell : WE CAN'T GET IN!


Week one and the entire house is SEALED UP.  I thought I was going to take the kids over to give them a tour, but as it turns out, every inch of the house needed to be sealed with plastic in order to scrape down the popcorn ceiling.  While I tried to poke a hole and break in, the kids took the camera to make a tour of the backyard.  Apparently I took a while because those ham bones recorded themselves tripping, exploring and trying to fight back the wild elements of this suburban backyard.  Parker, convinced that snakes and bears were going to pop out at any moment, imminently guaranteeing their death, convinced his brother to pull a Titanic moment.

There are actually some photos of the interior.  I had no idea how big of a difference getting rid of those popcorn ceilings would make!  We are well on our way to a full update on this gem!

And now I have the camera again!  Here are a few shots of the ceiling scraped down: