Raw is all the rage these days, which is one trend that I apparently feel obligated to propagate into the world wide web.  Raw Peach CheesecakeRaw Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Raw Cranberry Rose Cheesecake... hmmm.  Noticing another trend as well.

"Ahem, Ahem!  Excuse me!  Can we get a room that includes something raw and CAKE?  That would be fab, folks!"  I'll bring the cheese.

Is there a Universal connection between our food cravings and our homes?  Is this a sign we are a generation of detached beings who have lost touch with nature?  As a girl who claims that a three star hotel is the closest I want to get to camping, you won't hear me promoting hairy legs and long hikes, but a little bit of the raw and natural in our lives can't hurt. Right?

These spaces are both raw and natural, though I will lodge a complaint immediately about the lack of cake... and cheese.  This is my kind of raw... no hairy legs required! RAW DISHES :: IKEARAW + MODERNml_4234RAW + NATURAL LIVING ROOM


OliverGustav-Lerkenfeldt_01RAW + NATURAL

Go here for more cake and here for more raw interiors.

Images 1: Mad og Bolig , 2: IKEA by Lotta Agaton, 3: Oliver Gustav Studio by Heidi Lerkenfeldt, 4: Pella Hedeby, 5: EST Magazine, 6: The Natural Home 7 & 8: Heidi Lerkenfeldt