RAW ELEGANCE :: Striking The Balance


Raw Elegance Creating an elegant home doesn't have to be stuffy or glossy, especially when you place luxurious materials alongside everyday objects and raw textures.  Raw elegance is about finding the balance between taking your breath away and giving yourself somewhere cozy to unwind.

Some winning combinations are concrete and velvet, marble and linen, homemade ceramics and sterling silver.  It can be a bit unnerving to mix and match styles that seem inherently opposing, but the rewards are huge because you will always feel pampered in luxury but comfortable and relaxed as well.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of Raw Elegance:

Notice the detailsRaw Elegance

Remember to Take It All In (Paris print available soon in the House of Valentina Shop!)


Eat with Your Eyes

Cool off with these Vanilla Cream Popsicles with Brownie-Toffee Crunch (Gluten Free!)

Vanilla Cream Popsicles with Brownie-Toffee Crunch (Gluten Free!)

Seek out the handmade

Raw Elegance

Embrace the abstract

Be Epic

Make Elderflower Cheesecake... Yum.

wow. Elderflower Cheesecake

Bathe in Marble + Wood

Raw Elegance

Set Your Glass on Slate

Hexagon Slate Table

Relax and Go in These Jeans, a gray bootie, and a Black Leather Jacket

Bike Elegantly... With Chanel, Flowers, + Kate Moss, of course.

Biking Elegantly

Pair Marble with Glass (Love these pendants)

Raw Elegance

Find the perfect Vessel

Raw Elegance

Hang Your Clothes on a Simple Garment Rack (Add a great blanket and wire basket)


Add to your Bucket List : National Brazilian Stadium

Estádio Nacional Brasília (Nationalstadion)

Sleep with Wood + Linen


Remind yourself that these are RAW:  Blueberry Hazelnut Bars

These are vegan? Hazelnut Blueberry Oat Bars

Balance Modern with Linen and Light

Raw Elegance-640x479

Pair Glossy with Raw

Raw Elegance-640x854

Toi et Moi

Too et Moi

An Artfully Arranged Fireplace.

Raw Elegance