I will look back on my messy life and know that I lived.


Messy Bed

It's not that I have always appreciated a little messiness.  Actually, I am a bit of a recovering perfectionist.

I prefer for my shoes to be clean and shiny, my hair in place, and my lipstick applied just right and my kitchen cleaned up.

Let's just say that I like things in their place.  I find that order and structure produce productivity and I pretty much always make a point to avoid chaos at almost all cost.  Consistency is a beautiful thing.  But.  We are moving right now.  And not just up the street or even across town, but 5,000 miles from our current home and we have to pack up 1/3 of our stuff and sell the rest.  There is nothing orderly about my life.  Actually, it feels more like it is free falling into a downward spiral of pandemonium...

But.  Despite everything, I have realized lately that a little messiness makes life more interesting.  As a stylist, I have discovered that it is the imperfections and messiness that make a photo, a room, a hairstyle, and pretty much everything else in life... dynamic.  And even though I want to hide in my unmade bed with my messy pony tail, and wait out the storm that is raging all around me, I'm owning it.

Life wasn't meant to be perfect and even when we want to fight the flaws, it is better to embrace them.  They are what will make our life stand out and our stories even greater.

What makes us think that we can plan our destination, plot our course, and expect life to move us in a straight line?  God, my life feels like madness right now and I crave the freakin' regimented life I just gave up, but despite the messy nails, the dust covered clothes, the exhaustion, and the urge to collapse into a fit of tears, I am bolstered by the knowledge that this wave is moving me forward.  It's tossing me about a bit, it's threatening to capsize me every now and then, but I know that when the skies clear on the other side that I will look back on my messy life and know that I lived.

I did something.  I tried a lot.  I rode high, I fell hard. Some days were scary, others were filled with uncertainty.  But I always got up and kept hoping that even when things were a bit messy, that they were working together to create something really, really amazing.

So, here's to a little messiness in life...  May it be interesting, May it be compelling, and may it be one really awesome adventure...

And may we always carry with us the hope that even when life doesn't carry us in a straight line, that it is always taking us somewhere we have never been and if we rise up, we can do great and unexpected things.

Messy Hair

Messy Tee

Messy Bun Messy Bed

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