Puke or Applaud :: Place Your Votes On This Room


Is it a stroke of brilliance or a total puke fest?

With this much pattern it will either make you want to upchuck or wonder why you haven't "toiled" every surface of your bedroom.

Designer Sarah Bartholomew is calling it her "English-inspired Jewel Box" room.  It's the mother's suite in the large and expansive European inspired Southeastern Showhouse and boy does it pack a punch.

Forget soothing and leave behind calm.  This room is meant to excite and leave your heart racing with delight.

It's tailored.  It's exotic.  It's wildly inspiring.  Even if you would hate it in your own house.

Personally, I love it and I wish I had a bedroom solely dedicated to my mom.  She would be thrilled to stay in this room.  It would sure beat the couch where I normally let her crash when she comes to visit me!

I suspect that she would complain that all of the books are white.  (she can read about Carolina Herrera or Givenchy instead.  Those aren't just for decor!)

I think the fabric walls and trim would prove to be a positive distraction, though if my mom had a few too many sips of wine at dinner, I would be worried about her aiming for the bed and landing on a wall.  But hey, that's the risk you have to take when design is at stake.

I was actually thinking that this room might be the perfect cure for my mom's narcolepsy.  She might actually be able to stay awake through one of our late night girl chats.  (Normally I crawl into her bed to cuddle and chat and she falls asleep before I can even get through my first sentence... no one can be interesting in the first 20 seconds ALL.  THE.  TIME.)

Once we light the Cire Trudon candle, though, she'll be counting sheep in no time...

Some things you may want to take home from this room:

1. Exotic Bedding... John Robshaw is still a personal fave of mine.

2. Blue and White Porcelain.  (I love this piece for $29.00!)

3. Go for a red picture frame.  Grouping them makes a bold statement.

4. Choose an amazing settee and fill it with loads of pillows!

5. Balance the traditional style with modern lamps!