Bathroom Makeover 'cause Guests Are Coming!


Bathroom Makeover :: House of Valentina

With Christmas practically here, I realized pretty quickly that my powder room was not up to snuff for my guests.  Without soap, a towel, or even toilet tissue, this outdated space needed some help... fast!  My clients often struggle to see the vision for what a new home could be for them.  Buyers want everything updated and sellers think they need to rip everything out.  If you don't have the budget for a major reno, there are still some easy ways to really make your rooms personal and beautiful.

With a gallon of paint (Hematite in Matte by Behr) this bathroom makeover is pretty mind blowing... well, it is to me.  I sanded down the walls, left the studs added by the previous owner, and painted the room from base board to ceiling.  The room feels humungous, elegant, and maybe even a little French.  (I may have been inspired by my visits to the ladies' room in a cafe or two around Europe.)

I am starting to think the 90's gold sponging could be making a comeback.  I know I love mine!  Check out the video and let us know what you think!




Bathroom Makeover :: House of Valentina

I've still for room to grow my art collection here...

Bathroom Makeover :: House of Valentina

And here!


All Photos and Videos: Valentina Fussell

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Antique Frames collected at the flea markets in Europe (find similar ones here!)

Those sconces!  + I also love them paired with a minimalistic mirror.

A wire basket for toilet tissue makes guest feel more comfortable!