Now You Can Eat, Sleep, and DRINK your Favorite Dress


A Touch of Glam 

For the Every Day LIFE

If you had been fly on the wall this morning when the announcement came in my inbox, you would have heard me shouting, "No Way!  No WAY!  YAY!!!!"  

Which announcement you ask?  Oh, just that Pottery Barn and one of the most famous dress makers of our time, Monique Lhuillier, have done a collaboration.

Because please tell me that I'm not the only who has wondered if they could divorce their spouse just so they can wear one of her dresses when you marry him again?  If you've watched "Say Yes to The Dress" you know exactly what I mean!  

Lhuillier says that she created the entire collection around her favorite gown (which by the way is FOR SALE and doesn't require a long awkward conversation with your spouse... well, maybe when he sees the price!)

As a huge advocate of a touch of glam in every day, I am always on the hunt for ways to make life feel more glamorous without a massive price tag.  This collection with Pottery Barn offers IT ALL.  So, go ahead, and start clicking on your favorite photo.  I bet you'll be surprised by how affordable it is!  

I LOVE every piece, but I'm dying for those criss cross coupe glasses & pink champagne!  

What is your favorite?

While Pottery Barn may seem WILDLY affordable after checking out the prices on the dresses, here are a few of my personal favorite every day glam items for your closet that I KNOW won't break the bank...  (PS Wear a glam piece, like a sequined top, with a pair of ripped jeans or a fancy schmancy skirt with a t shirt to keep the outfit down to earth and yet a little enchanting!

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