Pinterest Taught Me How to Dress


I always liked fashion but I rarely pulled together an outfit that really had any wow factor.  In fact I was a pretty vanilla person... until Pinterest came along.

I suddenly had endless outfit inspiration at my finger tips and it gave me a real chance to separate what I really loved from what was in style.  I realized pretty quickly that I had an obsession with jeans, preferably ripped and simple tops that were grab and go. 

The more I pinned the more I could find trends among my favorites and then in the morning if I couldn't figure out what to wear, I would literally open up my fashion board, choose an outfit and replicate it as closely as I could.

It now makes my life easier when I go shopping because I know my style better and can avoid buying something that is either too trendy or will end up making me feel like I'm in someone else's outfit.

So, today I'm sharing three of my favorite pinterest outfits from this week and a shopping guide.  With any luck you might only need one little thing to complete the whole look!



Do you have a favorite from these outfits?  I REALLY want those orange slides and the black blouse!

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