Perhaps the World will Look at This Little Mirror of Itself

Lake Como to Austria | Valentina Fussell-4.jpg

Our lives are full of thousands, millions, even billions of tiny micro moments that, when all put together, create our wonderful lives.  Some of them are planned out to the very smallest detail, while others are brief bursts that leave as quickly as they came.  

When we opened the House of Valentina shop we very intentionally created a shop full of those unplanned moments... those fleeting instances of beauty that happened without a blue print, a shopping list, or an agenda.  They were simple flashes that appeared while we hunted the world for the magnificent among the every day.  

Lake Como to Austria | Valentina Fussell-3.jpg

Oftentimes taken from the passenger seat of a moving car, some of the photos were captured with one hand on the camera while the other hand was occupied with a stroller or a little one.  They aren't mathematic equations or perfect, and that was what made them so perfectly imperfect to me.

Lake Como to Austria | Valentina Fussell-6.jpg

I suppose in a funny sort of way, it was my soap box to stand on.  Just me and my camera.  And the world at my feet.  What would my message be?  What did I want to say?  Only that I had fallen in love with a world that held so much beauty, though there have always been plenty to argue the opposite.  But, I determined, that if I, while dusty, oftentimes frustrated and tired could still find a collection of the majestic, then perhaps the world will look at this little mirror of itself and see the wonder of all it contains staring back.  

Lake Como to Austria | Valentina Fussell-2.jpg

In my small way I hope to remind the world that there is greatness within us if we are courageous enough to embrace it.  There is still wonder, light (oh, ever so much light!) and a life awaiting each of us that is unchartered, unplanned, and exceptionally perfect with all its imperfections.