NOT Just another Design Blog


Valentina Fussell House of Valentina "Seriously, she's starting another design blog?"  If you aren't saying it out loud, there is a good chance you are thinking it.  I mean, come on, what on earth makes me think this overcrowded and saturated internet needs one more voice talking about much of anything?

It's all been done, many are saying.  There are an endless monotony of sites talking about the Pantone colors of the season, others complain.  Yawn.  Yawn.  Marble is in, orchids are out.  Yada Yada Yada.  We've heard it all, seen it all, and hey, didn't someone say that blogs won't even exist next year?

Many of us have become unattached to most of the designs we see because they are so high end and unachievable for our budgets that we can do nothing more than stare at the screen, drool all over ourselves, and squeak out an "oooohhhh, pretty!!" as we hit pin. (Ahem.  I'm pleading the fifth.)

Oftentimes, we design our homes based around whatever everyone else is telling us to do, approaching our homes the way teenage boys look at sneakers.  One kid gets a new fangled nike with hover technology and wifi and suddenly every boy under the age of 17 has to have them.  (Ok, if someone invents those, I'd probably want a pair, too.  I'm 5'1".  I would nearly sell my soul for something that promises to get me higher off the ground, but that's not the point.)

Now, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE pinterest and as a die hard fan of design, art, architecture, and all of the trends that happen in between, I am the first to jump on a trend just because.  But what I noticed was that not too long ago, I woke up in someone else's home.  I realized that I had been so busy recreating what I was seeing in the design world (occasionally making a pretty nice copy of it, too) that I never stopped to think about how my home represented the true me.

I'd spent years perfecting the art of being a chameleon and never stopped to ask how I could create a home that represented the true essence of who I am and the lovely people who share my home with me.  Then I panicked and wondered if there was anything really unique about me, so I started asking myself loads of questions about what I liked, disliked, wanted, hungered for, ached to be surrounded with, and so much more.

In the end, I discovered that even in a sea of roughly 7.3 billion people inhabiting this planet earth, I am unique and I have a new found belief that every one of you are, too.

I am hoping that some of you want to start asking more questions, too, because is it too much to hope to surround ourselves with spaces that represent the places we've been, the people we are, and the people we are becoming?  I hope not, because that's what this new fangled blog is all about and it's ready for it's launch, so if you are joining me, grab a seat and let's get ready for the ride of a lifetime...