Mrs. Scarlet In the Conservatory With the Lead Pipe

Conservatory :: House of Valentina While the lack of a smoking gun and the peculiar Mrs. Peacock might make these spaces infinitely less interesting, a Conservatory is a far underrated space.  While the screened in porch is mighty fiiine (southern drawl a necessary inclusion when speaking of porches here in the south), the conservatory takes it up one very serious notch.  It's like a sunroom hooked up with a patio and got busy.  Really busy.

Not only is the space typically glassed in, it is also packed with flowers, greenery, and, usually, stone floors.  I'm obsessed.  I can readily admit that.  My husband recently read an article somewhere (he can't remember where) that said courtyards are coming in as a trend.  Fabulous news for those of us who just bought a house with one.  (I don't have a photo.  Heck, I just realized that I never took you guys on a tour of the house!  Would you like one??)

Back on topic, conservatories are an incredible way to enjoy the outdoors year round, whether you are avoiding the heat down here in the south or the cold up in the north.  It gives you an excuse to invest in loads of plants, a beautiful table and chairs, and host soirees all year long.

I'm in.  Anyone else?


Conservatory :: House of ValentinaConservatory :: House of Valentina Conservatory :: House of Valentina

Conservatory :: House of Valentina

Conservatory :: House of Valentina

Conservatory :: House of Valentina

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Don't have a conservatory at the moment?  Here are a few things you can do now:

Invest in an outdoor table built to last the elements.

Start a collection of pots and begin adding plants to your home.

Every Garden starts with Seeds.

Hang a bird feeder outside a window and play Bird Bingo to prep you for bird naming!