10 Money Saving Outdoor Room Tips


One of the quickest ways to extend your living space is to head outdoors.  We've got 10 Money Saving Outdoor Room Tips that should help you make the most of your space and your budget!  IKEA has some great pieces and inspiration that will help save you loads of money. We will have you lounging outdoors asap!

One.  Treat your outdoor space like a room.  Bring things from the inside out.  You don't need special plastic plates and cups or outdoor candles, unless you just want them.

Two.  Choose Classic Furniture that will save  you money in the long run.  Use accessories and plants to bring pizazz but keep your big purchases on the safer side.

Three.  Build A Ledge.  I LOVE this idea and am definitely considering this for my own outdoor space.  Not only does it create the feeling of a room, but it gives much needed storage and display for lanterns, plants, & more.  You could even build three or four of these to maximize outdoor organization.

Four. Create a relationship between the connecting spaces.  This balcony feels like it's part of the living room because the decor and plants are in harmony.  Consider your materials, your colors, and your textures.

Five. Bring a blanket outdoors.  Perfect for a chilly morning, a blanket also adds texture and coziness.

Six. Think through purpose.  Before you buy expensive furniture to dine at only to discover you prefer to lounge outdoors, give yourself time to consider how you will use the space.  You may not need massive amounts of furniture if you prefer to simply have your morning cup of coffee outdoors!

Seven. Bring Herbs into your space.  They are practical for dinner prep, but will give you a wonderful fragrance to enjoy while you sit and enjoy your room.

Eight.  Forget convention.  Who says you need a patio for an outdoor room?  Use what you've got!

Nine.  Create a beautiful soiree with simple and inexpensive materials such as tulle.

Ten. For easy set up and tear down, grab a few inexpensive tables from IKEA's indoor collection.  (Add the beverage dispensers with those recipes you pinned on pinterest and totally impress your guests!)

BONUS TIP:: Use Environmentally Friendly Solar Powered Lighting to add quick and romantic ambiance.

All photos: IKEA