15 Ways To Live Like A Modern Nomad :: Restless Daydreaming


Palm Bedroom Perfect golden Sunsets, Long strolls through Ancient Cities, Sunrises on the top of a mountain, Breakfast with exotic spices, Dinners with a faint breeze in the air--- the nomadic life boasts nothing short of romance.

Being a nomad is about not knowing where you are going to wake up tomorrow and not not even thinking about it until three days from now.

It pulls at you, lures you quietly, and beckons when life is taking you exactly where everyone else thinks it should.  It promises adventure, the unexpected around every corner, and you know what?  It delivers.

But if you read the fine print, you will likely hear of mishaps: run ins with street food, roach infested beds, lost in the desert, robbed in a place you once felt secure... I speak from first hand experience... and I could fill a novel.

Sometimes being a Semi-Nomad isn't such a bad thing.  A clean bed, dependable running water, and properly prepared meals are not such a bad trade off for the wind to only blow in our hair when we want it to.

So, how does one go about creating a home that represents the nomadic life when in essence the word defies the definition.  Nomads don't settle.  Therefore we must redefine what it means to be a modern nomad and how to live with this mind bending juxtaposition.

Here are my Top 15 Tips For Creating a Home For The Modern Nomad::

 1. Accept that it is ok that you are not 100% hippie, backpacking in the wilds of the great unknown.  Hang a reminder if you forget.

Bohemian Modern Bedroom

 2. Buy Magazines that take you somewhere new.  Display them on the wall and make a great space to sit with them.

Magazine Rack :: Reading Corner

3. Find Your Own Morning Light.  And Take time to enjoy it.

Morning Light

4. Try a Recipe with Ingredients You Have To Google. Buy Cool Dinner Plates to Serve it on.

Gigli with braised pancetta

5. Frame Your Favorite Travel Photos.  Make a statement with a Record Player, a Vinyl Collection + a Cool Pouf

Record Player Sitting Area

6. Bring in the Exotic with A  Statement Headboard.  Dress the bed with Portuguese Sheets.

Statement Headboard

7. Bring in Accents of Your Travels... and invent great stories for the fakes!

  Recently Updated922

8. Stock Your Shelves with Books.  To be well read is to be well traveled.  A Book can take you anywhere!


9. Add a fig tree to remind you of your travels to the Mediterranean (or let it be motivation for saving for your trip.)  Add a kilim pillow, too! Modern Bohemian Bedroom

10.  Wear Your Nomad Style and Display it in an unexpected way.  Industrial Clothes Rack

11. And one more for good luck... Add the smell of the sea with the palm print!

Palm Bedroom