Modern Cozy Meets Swedish Country


Modern Cozy + Swedish Country

If you love a bit of the country, you are going to love this Swedish Country home that still has a warm Modern Cozy feel. As I scrolled through the photos I found myself making a mental wish list…

I’d like one of those leather wrapped vases, the pinkish vase, the terra-cotta colored linens, a cozy linen robe, a set of speckled coffee mugs, and a gorgeous trench.

and can we just have a conversation about that hood? Wow!!

Isn’t it funny how the modern cozy esthetic crosses color boundaries and isn’t even bound by location, genre, or specific styles. It really is about a way of life, a choice to live with those things that make you most happy and making use of the light and space you have been given.

This home is tiny. 367 sq feet to be exact, but by focusing on living well and choosing well, this home owner has created a soothing, country inspired home right in the middle of the city. I love that, don’t you?

Valentina FussellComment