Love It or Leave It? ... The Cherub Ceiling

Cherub Ceiling | House of Valentina If you've ever spent much time house hunting or visiting with friends and neighbors, you have probably noticed that many people have extraordinarily polarizing tastes.  As a creative, I would personally rather see something creative most the time than something boring, but sometimes people take it too far... and it's just got to go... especially if they want to sell their house.  The trouble is that sometimes a homeowner loves something so much that they just cannot imagine for a second that anyone else would feel any differently.

This master suite is beautiful with the hardwood floors, high ceilings, and copious amounts of light.  And I definitely love the antique French chandelier, but the Cherub mural above where the bed will likely go?  That I'm not sure what to think of.

In one sense, it really does remind me of the Louvre, which is exactly what the owner, who happens to be French, was likely thinking of when she had it painted.  But I've also heard quite a few people say that they find it appalling and would immediately paint over it.

Since we are actually considering purchasing this home I would really love to hear your opinion!

What would you do?  Love it or Leave it?