The sort of confidence that throws others' opinions aside and just freakin' owns itself... that is what I aspire to.  Striving for perfection is EXHAUSTING. I remember the day when something so utterly shocking happened that changed my perspective on PERFECTION and the pursuit of it in every form.  

I remember the day so clearly.  I, ever the eager American, was punctual, perfectly made up thanks to my 6am wake up, and was sitting in the front row waiting to be enlightened at an event in Copenhagen where the illustrious Camille,  of the Camille Over the Rainbow, was to share all her secrets to success in life, love, and blogging.

I spotted her from a distance as she arrived late.  My first thought was, "Oh dear God.  Please tell me that isn't who I gave up an entire morning for to see."  She was wet.  Her hair nearly sopping wet, her jacket disheveled, she had no makeup on and even from across the room I could see bags under her eyes the size of golf balls.  I don't think I've ever met anyone who ever exemplified the sentiment, "I don't give a Shit" so perfectly.

Which was somewhat ironic since the next 30 minutes she proceeded to tell us that she was always late, never did her hair, and truly didn't give a shit what anyone thought... and that was what had made her the very first blogger ever represented by NEXT Management Worldwide, one of the largest global talent agencies in the world.


The French Don't Match

Anything.  Except maybe their frames... sometimes.


That day put me on a perpetual quest for the perfectly undone hair... it made made me want to dress French (always skip the beret)... and why I make over rooms "French style" and they look messy from the first day.


This is How the French Set Their Tables

The French have a way of putting together an outfit, and even their home, that confidently declares, "I didn't try very hard to look this chic."  Those were the thoughts running through my mind as I contemplated exactly why this photo above arrested my attention so deeply that even when my computer shut down during a power outage that I hunted it back down again.


They buy less but better quality

I really want to be mad at the French because this level of imperfection feels highly unachievable to me... well, until I look around my house and see the constant mess my children make, the stacks of dishes that no one but mom knows how to wash apparently, and my desk is stacked with my with perpetual to-do list that I will get to... tomorrow.


They allow for messes, even create it.


There's a book!

Here is a home that embraces these principles.  Actually, it is owned by the author of My Little Paris, and coordinates with a genius blog that helps us Francophiles dive into the French mind, reveals many of their best kept secrets, and gives us tips on seeing Paris like a local!  (I already ordered my copy while writing this post!)


I think to myself, what would my world be like if I embraced this sort of messiness... even called it chic.  What if I stopped worrying and measuring and fussing over decorating and just CREATED my own little world of enviable chaos.

What about you?  Does this idea of Messy Genius sound liberating or just plain terrifying?


Photos via Elle Decoration Sweden