London Fairy Tale

It's not even hump day and I'm ready for a mid week escape.  These last few weeks of school with kids is madness.  Pure, unadulterated insanity, actually.  Let's live a London Fairy Tale for just a moment and pretend that life isn't full of last minute projects that result in my fingers being super glued together and my son crying.  And let's forget about the 5 hour banquet in which she watched 10 out of 50 kids get praised repeatedly and then not so much as a thank you for those who showed up, worked their hardest even when they didn't get a medal.  And, ah, yes, the last minute elementary school tests that involve a study guide that was sent home a week in advance.  Why didn't they just send it in September and ask them to pull it out now?  At least they sent home the book.  Great!  We will just study the entire book frantically in one night and hope for the best.

Ah, Motherhood.  If they didn't love us so much and always have the nicest things to say about us... we might actually run away.

Yes, I believe it's time for a midweek siesta in a London Fairy Tale...

All Photography and daydreaming courtesy of  My London Fairytales