Our Family Is Featured in Elle Decoration Sweden!



I have to tell you.  I cried.  Happy tears with a tinge of bittersweetness. There it was.  Elle Decoration Sweden in my mailbox on my cozy little street in Suburban America.  It felt a million miles away and yet there it was in my hands with our family smiling back.  I love all the photos and they took most of a day to capture, but it was the one of our family that made me the happiest.

My two older kids told me the other day that they used to think, dream, and even count in Danish.  We loved door number 19.  It was magic.  Bliss, actually, for our family.  Up until then we had roamed the earth in search of home, but from the moment we saw it, we knew it was ours.

I've learned over the past year that home really is where your heart is and I know that a piece of us will always remain in Copenhagen.  I think of all the happy times our kids came running down the spiral staircase, the bike rides across town, the roaring fires we sat by in the winter months... and all the Flødeboller we ate!  I loved my studio and the affect that the city itself always had on me.  Everything felt possible for me... for us, actually.  We found courage we didn't know that we possessed and grew like peonies in a Scandinavian rain storm.

And so we carry those lovely sentiments with us.  The power of belief, the wild and free imagination, and the comfort of simplicity.  Oh, yes, and the endless joy of discovery...

Something new is always just around the bend!









Stylist: Emma Persson Lagerberg Photography: Petra Bindel