Let's Rule The World In Pink


Pink Mood Board :: House of Valentina Poor pink.  Over the last few decades it has taken a bit of a beating as women set themselves free of the preconceived notions that once existed about what women can and cannot do.  While it is the unsung neutral for interiors and fashion, many women have opted out.  But, Ladies, Ladies, I beg that you not throw out the bouncing baby with the pink bubble filled bath water.  Why can't we have our liberation and our pink, too?  Even the smallest infusion of pink can add a bit of femininity and delicateness that is soft and compelling, which, these days doesn't take us out of the playing field... which of course brings me to one of my favorite scenes in movie history when we saw girls rule in pink, tears and all...

So, here's to a little more pink, ladies!  My vote today is for this soft, blush shade that acts as a quiet neutral so you and your home can really shine!  Here are some of my favorites and the rest can be found on my "Pink" Pinterest Board.

Pink Jelly Fish Paper Weight :: House of Valentina

This Pink Jelly Fish Paper Weight

Pink Midi Skirt :: House of Valentina

This Blush Pink Midi Skirt

Pink Retro Phone :: House of Valentina

A Pink Rotary Phone (I begged for one just like this when I was a little girl!)

Pink cupcakes :: House of Valentina

Pink Cupcakes (The flamingo is my favorite!)

Pink Fur Coat :: House of Valentina

Pink Fur (I want this one!)

Pink Coat :: House of Valentina

Or A Pink Coat, like this one, just in case you decide to run out in your silk nightie, of course! {smiles}

Laugh More :: House of Valentina

Let's Keep Laughing

Pink Watch :: House of Valentina

A subtle Pink + Modern Watch

Pink Vintage Lamp :: House of Valentina

This Vintage Art Deco Inspired Lamp

Pink Ears :: House of Valentina

This puppy with the cutest Pink Ears

Stacks of Pillows :: House of Valentina

This stack of Neutral Pillows

Paris Flea Market :: House of Valentina

A Little Paris Flea Marketing

Fritz Hansen Pink Chair :: House of Valentina

Modern + Subtle Fritz Hansen Chair

Pink House Bahamas :: House of Valentina

Stay at this Pink Bungalow in the Bahamas

Pink Bouquet :: House of Valentina

Add a touch of pink florals

Pink Coat :: House of Valentina

Go Casual with Ripped Jeans + Pink Trench

Pink Brick :: House of Valentina

Visit this Pink Bakery

Pink Fur Coat :: House of Valentina

Treat Yourself to a Lux Look (Divine Pink Fur Coat or this affordable vest! and a Black Tulle Skirt!)

Rule the world in Pink :: Valentina Fussell

Let's Rule The World In Pink!