Let 'em have what they want


Isn't it high time that you treat your hard working coffee table to a little thank you present?  Think of all the times she has held her head high while you spilled coffee all over her or your kid dropped a whole cup of milk into her tiny little crevices.  And how many times has she quietly filled in as your interim dining table when you were too tired to do anything more than scarf down an entire pizza on the couch?  And let's not even get started about the time you left popcorn and gooey candy stuck to her and she never said a word.

Consider it a gift or a bribe, but your coffee table has pretty much earned these books.  And why not reflect your gratitude with size and stature (a quick way to win over any heart!) One peek at the photography inside these babies and she will be yours for years to come.  (And she won't even mind sharing them with you... because that is just the kind of coffee table she is.)

  1. Dior Couture  2.  Vanity Fair 100 Years  3.  Tom Ford  4.  The Fashion Book  5.  The Little Black Jacket