Lemon Cake :: Tips For Making An Easy Gluten Free Cake Recipe


Lemon Cake :: House of Valentina Whether you need gluten free recipes for yourself or want one in your back pocket for when you entertain, I've got some easy gluten free cake suggestions that will make your life SO much easier and save you tons of time.  One of my best friends cannot eat gluten or milk and when I first tried making baked goods for her, it was crazy how many things I had to buy just to make a cake.  It was confusing, overwhelming, and a little scary because the last thing I wanted to do was make her sick, especially since I was making the cake for her baby shower!

Now I skip all those ingredients, use my regular recipes and simply substitute the regular flour for an all purpose Gluten Free Flour that tastes so good that none of us can tell the difference between the gluten free recipe and the regular one.  I tested my theory with this Lemon Cake (the recipe says it is a bread, but I beg to differ.  This is more like a banana bread, minus the bananas.) I baked the same recipe twice, once with regular flour and again with the gluten free.  (*Be sure when your recipes calls for baking soda that yours is gluten free!)

To make the recipe milk free, I simply substitute the butter for oil and the buttermilk for thick Almond Milk.  The oil and the gluten free flour work perfectly, but these tend to dry out a little faster than recipes with butter... so we had to eat them quickly so that wouldn't happen.  (A little glaze doesn't hurt either.  Just sift some powdered sugar and add lemon juice to gain the right consistency.)  I was also happy to have an excuse to use my Royal Copenhagen!Lemon Cake :: House of Valentina Lemon Cake :: House of Valentina Lemon Cake :: House of Valentina Lemon Cake :: House of Valentina