Leather Strap Box DIY : House of ValentinaWith a few supplies, which you might even have on hand, you can take your boxes from being plain to super chic with this simple Leather Strap Box DIY.  I'll share the how-to on the video, but I have a few extra photos to share with you today so you can see where I put two of the boxes I made.  (I've got two more elsewhere in the house.)  These are on under my vanity table in my bedroom and make the perfect storage solution for extra bags, wallets, and other accessories. A lot of people ask me how I live with so little or where I put my stuff if I have it and while it would sound infinitely more noble to say that I really own nothing and nothing owns me, I have quite a lot of things.  And this is one easy way I go about hiding all of it...  ok, some of it.  {smiles}

 Leather Strap Box DIY : House of Valentina

 Leather Strap Box DIY : House of Valentina

Supply List:

Tjena Box from IKEA, Leather Strap (Mine are from Nu Interieur Ontwerp) or A Belt cut to size, 2 Nuts & Bolts, Drill


Photography: Valentina Fussell