Lake Como Meet Suburban America!

Italian Lakeside Project | House of Valentina.jpg

Without a doubt one of my very favorite aspects of any home project is the inspiration board.  It is the first moment I have to provide my clients with a visual compilation of all the ideas we have been dreaming up together.  

My clients just went under contract with their lakeside home in the much sought after Windward community, located in Alpharetta, Georgia.  They will be getting their current home ready for the market while this one gets under way so there's lots to do and no time to waste!

The new house is a MAJOR downsize for this sweet family but with a few key updates it won't be a downgrade... especially with a view from the dining room like this:


These lovers of Italy want to bring a piece of that home and we could think of no better place to begin than Lake Como, where relaxed water living meets classic design.  

My clients also asked for a neutral palette, but emphasized that it CANNOT be boring.  A daunting brief, but we are excited to dive in!

Italian Lakeside Project | House of Valentina-2.jpg

The key to nailing this look without putting these guys to sleep is giving them layers and layers of texture, including warm woods, pale taupes, marble, sea grass, and even a little travertine.

Italian Lakeside Project | House of Valentina.jpg

Pattern, wood, and plants will be key in springing this palette to life.

Italian Lakeside Project | House of Valentina-5.jpg

More coming soon!

We will have much more to share in the coming weeks, but we wanted to give you a little teaser!  Are you as excited as we are get this one started?