LA Files :: Lily Ashwell Shop Tour


Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina With her mom, Rachel Ashwell, taking the world by storm with her shabby chic interiors, it's little surprise that a bit of that stylish gene pool rubbed off on her daughter, Lily.  While the lack of florals and ruffles shows that Lily has a mind of her own, there is still an underlying feeling of earthiness, comfort, and light that both mom and daughter share.

Aimed at the youthful spirit of Venice Beach, Lily Ashwell's shop is a show stopper (or at the very least, a car stopper since we needed to make a squealing U turn to head back to it.)  Here you will find worn wood, cacti and succulents, earthy pottery, and a little lace here and there for a bit of femininity.  It's beachy without being beach themed.  Ahhh. Perfection.

But don't take my word for it.  Here is a little Lily Ashwell Shop Tour just for you!

Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-4

Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-5 Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-6 Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-7 Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-8 Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-9Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-3 Lily Ashwell | House of Valentina-10

With a limited suitcase situation, I was SO relieved to see that Lily Ashwell is available online!  yay!

Don't forget to see check out Lily Ashwell's home in Venice Beach as well!  It's so inspiring!


Photography: Valentina Fussell