Do you know your Bathroom Personality?

Which Bathroom Personality Are You? It's not exactly the type of thing you ask on the first date, but get into a relationship that involves renovations and you might just find yourself wondering why you didn't find out your other half's bathroom personality from the get go.  Just imagine asking, "Excuse me.  Before our first kiss... or even the first meal... heck.  Stop sipping your coffee and let's get the important questions out of the way.  How many kids do want, what names haven't been marked off your "no way, Jose" list, what will my nose look like on your face and what's your bathroom style?"

This is the most obvious way to avoid having arguments down the road about matters of great importance.

Just in case you aren't sure of your bathroom personality, we've got a few to choose from.  Find yours and then his (or hers) and then make sure if you make bathroom babies that it's all gonna turn out all right...


You might be Gothic Victorian if...

You think skulls are cool, old is new, and there's no such thing as "too dark."

You may also not be afraid to squint while applying makeup and if you miss while shaving, a little blood only adds to the dramatic effect.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

Skull wallpaper, tartan, and industrial lighting make sense.  Of course those go together.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

Dark, murky trim makes you feel dizzy with cozy delight.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

And you have a candle for every day of the week, canisters filled with curiosities on your vanity, and potion-like bottles to spray on your dark fantasies...

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

You might be Positively Preppy If...

You always find the bright side of every situation, you are undeniably sentimental, and fun should have been your middle name... and all of your dreams are bright pink!

You may also actually consider bathing in your pink wellies...

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

You love bright pink and antiques.  No one is surprised by the combination.


You have a romantic side... and a vintage perfume collection that MUST be displayed.


Wait!  Is that your pink rubber ducky?  How did they know?


Stacks of Papers and Antique Books are piled next to your sink... and your tub, and your bed, and your kitchen table.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

You can't turn an old photo down.  They all have special meaning.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

You might be a Whimsical Boathouse if...

Your favorite shows are Love Boat reruns, Gilligan's Island, and you secretly dream of being called "captain".

You may also collect vintage bathing suits while also daydreaming of this little number...


Your bathroom dreams include herringbone floors and antique bronze...

Bathroom Personality

You collect vintage mirrors, blue ribbon rosettes, and maps.


You knew what shiplap was long before Joanna Gaines...


You might be a Tribal Warrior if...

You are free spirited, adventurous, and always have wind blowing in your hair...

even if you have to use a selfie fan.

You may also be constantly doodling geometric patterns on your hand... and your wall.

Wait! Is that your pink rubber ducky? How did they know?

Besides Rugs, Tribal pottery, and Cool salvaged furniture, consider  turkish towels a necessity.

Wait! Is that your pink rubber ducky? How did they know?

You aren't afraid to go gold ... and leather is a necessity for all good adventures.

Wait! Is that your pink rubber ducky? How did they know?

Plants are your Spirit Animal.

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

You might be a Cufflinks and Curiosities Type of guy or gal if...

The word dapper or charming or both are used to describe you frequently.  You are nostalgic to the days when people used to dress up and you are often found scouring the antique market for that something special.

Your Nostalgia may also demand a classic black and white theme...


You yearn for a bubble bath that is always more than half full...

Which Bathroom Personality Are You?

Old school towel racks and a vintage cap just seem right together


Brushed nickel and hand made bar soap make mornings feel right.


You collect photos. Teams and vintage racing cars are your theme.


Did you find yourself among these personalities?

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