Getting Crazy in the Bedroom :: A Sneak Peep


Valentina Fussell Modern Master My husband and I stayed up into the wee hours of the night a couple evenings ago because I had done something "crazy" in the bedroom and couldn't wait to show him.  No, this was not some weird peep show event, though I'm fairly certain that would have been met with a much more exciting response.  Instead, after spending a few hours rearranging and reimagining our bedroom, I couldn't wait to show him how different it was.

He swears that he was trying to figure out what I had done that was so different, which in retrospect I fully believe because men are typically lacking in the area of observation skills, but at the time I found it hard to believe that he wasn't smart enough to even ACT like he saw something amazing, even if the whole thing looked just like it did the day before.

But that's ok because while he may not be good at pretending, I'm a genius when it comes to faking a headache. {smiles}

So, crazy or not, this is a little sneak peep of the modern master makeover.  I'll have loads more to share, including a DIY, that is so simple you won't believe it! Perhaps even a video tour would be fun?


Photography and Styling :: Valentina Fussell