I'm voting Neutral!

Summer Neutrals Neutral?  Is that even an option for the upcoming presidential election?  I don't think so, but either way, there is no way that I am even touching that subject.  I have a policy that I don't pick fights that I can't win and I'm pretty sure both sides are looking pretty rough.

So, changing the subject abruptly from politics,  let's chat about neutrals at home.  Time and time again I hear, read, and see the message that neutrals are soulless... ouch.  That's kinda harsh, don't you think?  Neutrals have feelings, too!  Ok, not really.  But they are beautiful in an "OMG.  I wish I woke up looking that good." kind of way.  Neutrals are soothing and when you add in a touch of blush they feel comfortable, sensitive, and kind of close to perfection.  Huh.  And now it sounds like I'm describing the perfect man.  Throw in the sweetness of those cinnamon rolls (keep scrolling) and we'll all be moving into the neutral zone!  STAT.

Here are a few of my favorite neutrals + blush at the moment: 

These ceramic vessels from Tortus Copenhagen are living art.

Summer Neutrals

This bed comes in ELEVEN colors, but the blush is pretty awesome.

This Tassel Banner would be perfect in a kid's room or even an office!

Tassel Banner

Books are best friends.  This one is on my wanderlusting list!

A Good Book

I would love a piece from this collection... and that hanging rack!

Summer Neutrals

This watercolor is so simple + beautiful.

Summer Neutrals

Rose Colored Glass never looked so good.  Love the top, too!


We finally arrived to those mouth watering coffee cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.  YUM.


White walls + a moroccan pom pom blanket + waffle blanket = winning combo!

Neutral Bedroom

This Ikat Pillow + Linen is so comfy!


Neutral Nail + Neutral Bag and coffee + flowers? Bliss!

Coffee Time

Neutrals are messy in our house!

House of Valentina

Hello.  Def not boring.  Love the topthe shorts, + those shoes!

Blush Neutrals

This Dresser is the perfect piece to build upon in any color scheme!


Classic Meets Boho.  Those pillows + the Hammered Table ($124!) + the vase all from World Market!

Summer Neutrals