I'm Tired of Strange Men in My Bathroom


Vintage Inspired Modern Bathroom :: House of Valentina There is nothing that will stir up the neighborhood gossip more than a long line of men showing up at the door day after day, week after week.  The fact that I take them directly through my master bedroom and into the bathroom definitely makes things downright awkward.  Ugh!  I never thought about this part of renovations!

Honestly, though, it's not the variety of men that is giving us the most grief.  (I'm hoping that the neighbors either don't care how I make my money or assume that the work trucks and constant "tile talk" are enough of an explanation.)  It's the fact that my husband and I cannot agree about what we want to do with the bathroom that has us stalling.

Remember when I showed you the first idea I had?  The kids are begging to keep the jetted tub, my husband doesn't want the walls super dark, and our tile choices seem to constantly be waging war.  And I am incredibly indecisive because I have a million ideas before breakfast every morning and that has left us teetering on the brink of a half reno'ed bathroom...  forever.

UNTIL NOW.  I don't have his approval for this idea yet.  He response to my last idea was a sigh and a resigned, "Just do whatever you want."  (I reserve the right to tell you that I hate it for the next 20 years an obvious assumption on the tail end of that declaration!)

I just needed to realize that we can't choose either his modern or my traditional.  And we can't make it too fancy for me or two casual for him.  We needed middle ground.

I looked for places where our styles met.  We both like warmth, a little glamour, a little modern... Understated elegance... which is exactly how I would describe the rest of our house... so I have no idea why I couldn't figure it out for the bathroom!  But there you have it.  Maps, marble, nickel, leather, crystal and nature.  Do those things go together??

Tell us what you think!