If You Want To Experience Magic... and Italian Yumminess...


One of my clients told me the other day, "Well, now I know I'm talking to Valentina.  You always use words like 'magic' and 'wonder'.  Normal people they just don't use words like that." I laughed out loud, like the head thrown back, a little too loud kind of laugh, because it just tickled me to death to hear him say that.  

And here I am just a few days later trying to think of how to describe the Bella Cucina shop and I can't help but think it is nothing short of magical and true Italian bliss.  I feel an overwhelming sense of wonder every time I visit and I always seem to luck out that owner, Alisa Barry, is there to greet us with wide open arms and big smiles.  

One of the original favorites named by Oprah, this shop is a wonderland for the senses.  Lemon Artichoke Pesto?  SUGO A LA PEPERONATA PASTA SAUCE?  I don't even know what that is but I know that I want it the minute I hear its related to PIZZA!  Oh!  And CIOCCOLATI DOLCI BAG?  That's a bag full of DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.  My Mouth is watering just thinking of it!

But that's just the beginning.  There's a homeware section where you can buy stunning wood cutting boards, olive wood spreaders, and even furniture that's been brought from Europe.  

Oh!  Yeah!  And then as you continue through the store, you realize that the back is an art installation and there are classes both in cooking and making. 

Yep, I call that magic.  And I wanted to touch every. single. thing... and buy it all too.  

Check out the Bella Cucina online shop if you aren't in Atlanta, otherwise, plan a trip and go hungry because there are samples.  Yum!  And don't forget to sign up for a class!  Italian tacos, homemade pasta, and japanese abstract ink?  That's so cool!

POP UP retail store at The Shops of Buckhead
262 Buckhead Avenue #270
Atlanta, GA 30305