I broke one of my own cardinal rules...


Raw Elegant Living Room :: House of Valentina  

I broke one of my own cardinal rules.  Never order a piece of furniture without a plan.

My justification?  We had been arguing about a sofa since we sold the last one.  We just couldn't agree!  So, when we finally did, we slapped that puppy into a cart and hit order.

When it arrived in our dizzying state of chaos, I was blissfully pleased to see that it was even more lovely in person than it was online, but then I panicked.  I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with the rest of the room.  So, there it sat.  A beautiful, 50's French inspired island waiting for some attention.

The plan started brewing in my mind until eventually it came to an epiphany.  Of course, a few hours later we found out that our shower was tiled incorrectly and is a massive leak just waiting to happen.  Not one, but two tile experts told me the same news.

So, our lovely little foreign lady will have to sit alone for a while longer while we shift our eyes towards the bathroom.  But somehow I just feel better.  I know where the space is going, I have a plan, and as soon as I have money in my pocket again, I know exactly what I will be buying to go with my sofa and my freshly painted fireplace.

Here's my Plan:: 1. This bookcase is on sale and SO beautiful!  2. Shhh... don't tell everyone, but the best place to buy vintage books is Goodwill but Etsy is more convenient!  3. The crummy old white fan needs an update.  This sleek one promises to cool in the summer and heat in the winter!  4. These pots add warmth and patina... they bring a little bit of Europe to the burbs! 5. Yep, we are in love.  The AVEC Sofa is PERFECTION.  6. A bench that doubles as seating and a table?  Yes!  7.  Concrete indoors?  Totally!  It adds texture and cool factor.  8. It's a Bust!  Every room needs a little humor!  9.  Pattern and texture with a pillow!  10.  Old world tradition looks great on a modern sofa!