Hurricanes, Cookies with my GREEK FAMILY, and A Spooky & Easy DIY!

Greek Sesame Cookies | House of Valentina.jpg

With Hurricane Irma fast on their heels, my Greek family made a quick escape out of the Tampa area, which meant that we got LOTS of time with them!  And of course, if a storm is headed our way, what better way is there to cope than to make Fall DIY's and bake Greek cookies with the best teachers there are!  This video is PACKED with rain, cookies, spookiness, stinky feet, and a whole lotta love!  

Fall 2017 | House of Valentina.jpg

DIY Fall Jars 

Time to Forage!

Fall 2017 | House of Valentina-2.jpg

Decorate with paper, sticks & spookiness!

Greek Sesame Cookies | House of Valentina-2.jpg

A classic favorite

Greek Sesame Cookies with some untraditional twists!

Download the recipe PDF by clicking HERE


Get your home Ready for FALL


Set the table for Dessert and coffee!

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All photos, video, and styling by Valentina Fussell