How to UnDecorate Your Home & Why You Should


It's not every day that an award winning Creole Chef opens up his home, but Alon, and his wife, Emily, gave a tour of their home, which is award worthy as well.  Their New Orleans home is packed with undecorating ideas that you can use no matter where you live.  By undecorate, I mean the very focused effort of not creating a home that looks mathematically perfect.  An undecorated home is one that does not feel contrived or calculated, but rather gathered and collected and perfectly imperfect.  It represents the people who live there and their wonderful stories and personalities.  Here are 29 ways how to undecorate your home:

1. Don't buy matching sets... of much of anything.

2. Choose your favorite color to paint with, whether its on trend or not.

3. Use artwork that represents your interests. (A pig for a chef!)

4. Leave "stuff" on the counter.  Real life demands real living.  Don't clean up too much!

5. Personalize your choices.  Love wine?  Add a wine cooler to your kitchen! 

6. Choose finishes that match your lifestyle.  

7. Use artwork that is handed down in your family.

8. Don't make your art walls too perfect.

9. Keep the original character of your home whenever possible.

10. Get creative with furniture.  A dresser might just be the perfect bar in the living room!

11. Bring character in when it isn't original. Lights, floors, and artwork are a great place to start!

12. Don't overstuff rooms, but fill them gradually.

13. Avoid cookie cutter. Antique markets and estate sales are a great place to find original pieces.

14. Don't forget the functional spaces can be an every day treat!

15. Mix styles.  As often as possible!

16. Use family heirlooms.  Don't hind them in the attic or basement!

17. Hire help if you need to.  Closet organization can help you maximize your space!

18. Closets are a GREAT place to let your personal style shine!

19.  Mix old with new, vintage and mass produced.   

20. Be practical.  If you prefer to bathe, add a tub.  If not, go for a bigger shower!

21. Functional can be pretty.  A simple fan and great linen make an easy design.

22. Go bold in small spaces... if you want to! 

23.  Forget any rules you've heard.  Make your home truly yours!

24. Hang whatever you would like to see every day!

25. Natural light is the most luxurious and absolutely free decorating gift you have been given. Use it!

26. Don't forget the outdoors.  Create a space that matches your lifestyle rather than what is on trend!

27. Your front door is the first moment for you and others to see who you are.  Make a great first impression!

These photos and more can be found at Apartment Therapy!