How to Style An IKEA Shelf :: Adding Warmth + Character


How to Style an IKEA Shelf by House of Valentina Hello, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had our huge moving sale, which was a wonderful success and oddly enough, we kind of liked some of the rooms feeling a little less full afterwards.  But enough about moving.  Let's chat IKEA shelves!

While Ikea may not be known for producing furniture that has a worn and aged patina, that doesn't mean that your pieces have to live without soul and character.  I started by stacking three Kallax shelves on top of each other, which added immediate height and weight to the shelves and broke up the typical arrangement that these cubes are often seen in.

Here are a few more tips for how to style an Ikea Shelf to make it extra special and not break the bank!

  1. Add texture.  Stack linen fabric napkins and these DIY Linen book covers to reduce the overly glossy feel.
  2. Add Patina.  Place items on the shelf, like a worn bust, that have had a previous life and add character.
  3. Add Layers.  Don't just place one item in the front, but layer your items to fill the depth of the space.
  4. Add Warmth.  Use warm colors to break away from the stark white of the shelf.
  5. Add Interest.  Mix strong patterns, such as a black and white box with a distinct pattern with a vintage charcoal sketch.

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Here are some more great items that could really make your shelves look super high end!

If you are looking for the real deal, this box is incredible, but this is an affordable option that is beautiful, too!

This hand carved African Wood Bust is so special!

Japanese lotus bowls in any color are a beautiful way to store special rock & sea shells collections!

Not only is a Vintage Beaker a great way to add character to your shelves, they make great vases, too!

A set of worn vintage books will go a long way in creating a feeling time and wanderlust!