How to Start Decorating When You First Move In


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When it comes to designing a home, few things are more thrilling than an empty space, waiting to be filled, but it can also be pretty daunting for many of us.  As a serial mover (20 times and counting!), I've had more than one blank slate in my life, so today I want to share some of my tips for how to start decorating when you first move in to your new home.  (**But these tips are great if you want to decorate a home you have been living in for a while.  Try to take as much out of the room as you can to recreate that blank slate!)

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  1. Be Patient.  While it may seem more productive to throw things up on the wall, and be eating dinner off your fine china within a few hours of the movers pulling off, it is better in the long run to live in your space and really find the rhythm of how you live in your home before decorating every inch of it.

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2. Let Your Imagination Run Wild.  A blank slate is a powerful thing and letting our minds imagine more than one possibility in a space can help us create something far beyond what our eye sees initially.  Colors, textures, lighting... there are so many things to consider!

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3.  Enjoy the Process.  Creating a new home is exciting and fun, but the pressure to get settled can be overwhelming.  Remember to enjoy the process because ultimately some of the best memories you will make will be eating take out over that cardboard box dining table!

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4. Allow the Location & Age To Influence Design Choices.  While there is no set rule about having a country home in a rural setting or a super modern home in the city, the space you have chosen will always play a role in your design.  Let your walls influence your design choices, but not dictate them!

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5.  Take Photos of Your Rooms.  You don't need a high end camera, but definitely take photos of your spaces.  Sometimes having an outsider view of your rooms helps you visualize new possibilities.

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6.  Don't Be Afraid of the Boxes.  Many people feel extremely stressed when they first move in and panic over emptying their boxes.  If you store some of your things for a few weeks or even months, it's ok.  Everything will come together with time!

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7.  Don't try to recreate an exact replica of your past home.  While using many of them items from your past space can be comforting and cost effective initially, trying to recreate your exact space may leave your home feeling awkward.  Don't be afraid to try your pieces in new rooms!

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8.  Get Outside.  Leave the indoor tunnel vision that can consume us when we first move in.  Take time outdoors to refresh, enjoy your new neighborhood, and recharge.

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9.  Create a Budget.  Few of us like to talk about money, but when it comes to designing a new home, it's best to be realistic with what you can achieve.  If you can't have everything you want in the first month, create a purchasing plan so you know by the end of the year you will have everything you want for your space.

Capital Homes Christianholmsvej 6-8010. Hire Help.  In a DIY era, most people assume that they cannot afford to pay for an outside opinion, but hiring someone (like myself, if you fancy it) to give you advice can save you a ton of money ultimately, especially when we regret expensive design choices!

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All Photos: Valentina Fussell