This is How to Make YOUR HOME feel More Magical

How to Make Your Home Feel More Magical | House of Valentina

I couldn’t tear myself away from this home. I’ve had it saved in my favorites and found myself going back to it over and over. This made me ask myself… why? Why is there a pull to this home? It’s not perfect. It’s not “designed” the way a traditional interior designer would EVER make a home and yet there is something that made me linger.

Linger. Now that is a word that traditional designers tend to think about after all the mathematical equations have all been figured out, the room and all the stuff has been measured, but I always start with the lingering… or what I call “the magic.”

To me, a space is infinitely more appealing if it has the ability to make me want to sit down and quite frankly that is what helps me sell houses and even what I see buyers jumping at again and again. I have found that people will overlook the imperfections in a space if it has some sort of magic to it.

After studying photography and interior styling for years there were always these key elements that I discovered could be found in the truly magical homes. Here are my favorites, displayed so perfectly in this home: