How To Get What You Want... Now!

1-DW_kok_kitchen I spent the weekend studying for my real estate license and I managed to get through 2 out of the 5 sections I need to complete before I can take my exam.  (Woohoo!) But we also had the chance to visit another home that I've been very interested in and I realized pretty quickly that I didn't have a "shopping list" for my house hunting.  "Girl," I said to myself, "You need to figure out how to get what you want!"... But I needed to uncover what that meant first!

Almost immediately upon entering the home, which was staged beautifully, I pretty much knew that this home was not for us.  A glance into the kitchen that only had a sliver of a window over the kitchen sink and I knew I didn't need to see the rest.  Of course the garden had to be AMAZING and made me think of The Untamable Garden but I knew it wasn't meant for us no matter how much I wanted to convince myself it was.

Knowing what you want, whether you are house hunting or decorating a room can be hard to define.  As I tried to explain to my friend, Linda, what we wanted in a home I found myself saying things like... "light, inviting, light, full of character, light..."  She laughingly informed me that "light" doesn't usually make it to a MLS listing (where we Americans list our homes for those of you outside the US.)

She had me there!  Sometimes what we want in a home isn't always a certain style or a specific feature, though I know plenty of people who have very exact lists.  But people throw their lists out all the time when something just feels "right."

So, I ask you, how do you get what you want... now?

If you happen to have a pinterest account, consider more than the images at face value and dig deeper.  Ask the hard questions, such as:  Is it the warmth, the light, the texture that I like in this photo?  Is it the color, the atmosphere, the cityscape outside the window, or the plants inside?

These types of questions will help you better understand yourself and help you house hunt, if you happen to be doing that like us, or create a space within your home that really captures you!

As I peeked into the home of photographer and stylist, Daniella Witte, I realized that we have very similar taste, not just in objects, but also in our passion for shades of grey, meaningful collections, a balance of darkness and light, texture, clean lines, and comfort mixed with modernity.  What about you?  Is there anything you see in her home that you would love to have in your home?  It can be a specific object or feature or even just a feeling that one of the rooms possess.

How to Get What You Want... Now



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All photography and styling: Daniella Witte