How To Fake Natural Beauty

Natural + Modern Kitchen There are some people who live every day without a lick of makeup, hair dried in the wind, and barely a thought to their clothing.... and they look amaaaaazing.  They are one some people call a "Natural Beauty."  England has even created a restaurant for people who love their natural self so much that they actually eat naked.  As in, clothing is optional.  The nerve of these people who are so comfortable in their own skin!  How are the rest of us suppose to respond to the injustice?

Rather than sitting around and whining, we makeup-wearing, eye brow-plucking, blow drying types have no choice but to fake it.  Here are some great ways to bring that au natural look into your life, whether it's in the living room, the bathroom, or the closet!


(Natural + Modern Kitchen above... love these stools and these pendants!)

Cork Board Inspiration | House of Valentina

Apply Cork to the Walls for A DIY Mood Board (Love this chair!)

Natural Beauty | House of Valentina

Show some skin (This gown will do the job!)

Natural Mood Board Inspiration | House of Valentina

Use natural colors in your work space


Pair Natural Neutrals (Like this linen top + Wide Leg trousers)

Sea Sponge

Use Natural Sea Sponge in the bathroom (Those this one might be too pretty to use!)

Natural Dining Room | House of Valentina

Natural Wood Floors + Epic Japanese Lighting, via Elle

Kid Tent | House of Valentina

give the kids a Natural Play Tent

Natural Bedroom | House of Valentina

Add a Linen Coverlet to the bed

Natural Beauty

Go less on makeup and more on a sheer lipgloss

Natural Dining Room | House of Valentina

Natural Dining (Go for used books, A Beautiful Wood Cutting Board and Natural Wood Chairs) Natural Bedroom | House of Valentina

Natural Bedroom (A Vintage Rug + Linen Bedding are key)

Chocolate Malt Ice Cream

Make Some Natural colored Chocolate Malt Ice Cream

Natural Linen Sofa

Create an entire room around the most epic Natural Linen Sofa

Add Natural Elements to create an outdoor space (This is all ikea!)