How To Do Themed Without Being a Theme Park

Atlanta Show Home | House of Valentina Disney and Las Vegas have one key thing in common.  They both know a thing or two about creating themed destinations.  And while you may prefer that every object in your room has the word "Bombay" written on it in your Indian themed and curry yellow painted room, there might just be another way of bringing your exotic style into your home in a less direct route. (Disclaimer:  I may be guilty of buying a few eiffel towers in my days, so no judgment if the themed stuff is you.  Own you.  Always.)

After traveling for many years, I found myself on a style journey that left me craving the essence of my travels to be represented in my home rather than memorabilia or lots of super themed objects.  I began letting my photos take center stage and tried to find ways of creating a well traveled feel within my spaces that were a little less conspicuous.

This bedroom really caught my eye at the Southeastern Showhouse because it immediately felt like a destination but it didn't feel too overly obvious either.  I debated whether the painted arches were taking it one step too far, but I couldn't deny the wow-factor they brought and they way they brought the eye around the room.  The modern four poster bed, the Crisp Linens and the modern lighting definitely break up the theme and add an element of here and now to the space which keeps it feeling approachable.

What do you think about this space?  Is it too themed or is it just right?

Atlanta Show Home | House of Valentina

Atlanta Show Home | House of Valentina

Photography: Valentina Fussell


GET THE LOOK :: The Exotic Inspired Bedroom::

If painting arches isn't your thing, consider this shapely bed or this one!

These Palm Sconces are on my wish list.  Budget friendly & Elegant!

This modern lighting and this chandelier make big statements!

This Starburst Mirror is a breathtaking option for any room in the house.

These are great Peacock Pillow options:

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One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six 

(This fabric and this one would make great pillows if you prefer to sew your own!)