You Want To Bring Back Poolside Glamour?


Pool | House of Valentina Glamour at the poolside?  Isn't that an oxymoron?

If you have kids then the last five minutes before you walk out the door to go to the pool are hectic...  

"Moooom, Where's my bathing suit?!"  "I don't know honey.  Try your bottom drawer!"  (Oh, man... Where's my bathing suit??)

"Mom, I think I need a new bathing suit."  (Said while bulging out precariously from every seam.)  "You look great!"

"Hey, you!  Go get the beach towels!" ...  "Mooom, the towels smell weird!" (As in, you forgot them in the beach bag the last time you went to the pool... last summer.)

"Mom, can I wear my underwear under my bathing suit?"  "Eww!  No!"

And when you finally make it to the pool two hours later...

"Mom, why is it so hot out here?"  "Because we were suppose to miss the heat of the day!"

"Why do I have to wear sunscreen?  I'm working on my tan!"  "Because you will die of skin cancer... darling!" (Said while slathering 50spf on them and claiming that your foundation has a built in spf.)

"Mom, where are my goggles?  You know I can't swim without them!" "Ouch!  Moooom, my goggles squeeze my brain!"

"Moooom, can I get in?"  "Yes!  Please do!"  (The desperation in your voice rising as the whistle for the "safety break" guarantees another 15 minutes on the side line.

"Moooom, I'm hungry."  (Sigh... the cooler got left at home.)

Please, someone tell me that you know what I am talking about?  

Glamour at the poolside?  Really?  I'm happy if we make it there!  But this year I was so inspired by the beautiful pools I've been pinning away that I thought it wouldn't hurt to pull together a few glamorous essentials that nearly guarantee a little glamour, even with the chaos... and even for us moms... because let's be honest... We wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy Summer!

Poolside Glam | House of Valentina

  1. Embroidered Kaftan  (This one, too!) 2. Retro Chic Bathing Suit  (This one, too!) 3. Sun Umbrella 5. Oversized Sunnies (These are a bargain!) 6. Green Stripe Towel  7. Sun Hat 8. Moisturizing + Long Lasting Lip Gloss 9. Pink Wedge