What Season is Your Home? This House Screams SUMMER!


You house has a season.  You may not realize it but now that I've mentioned it you are probably already trying to guess which one.  I was surprised when our home was featured in the Spring issue of Elle Decoration.  Have you noticed that not only do magazine covers match the seasons they are released in but the homes inside as well?

Sure signs that yours is dressed for winter?  Either pure white walls like the snowfall you can't help but love or dark shades of night to represent the cozy months of shorter days (or maybe a little bit of dark and light if you want to get creative.

What about you Spring Homeowners?  Perhaps lots of florals, animals, punches of green and shades of rainy blue for the transition of the seasons.  I think our home found its way here because of the little pops of pink and the greenery... apparently that spells spring in Sweden!

Fall is trickier than you think.  You might imagine the old days of pumpkin spice and vanilla latte walls, but there's more to it than that.  It's about rich wood tones, warmth, and coziness.  Sticks and pinecones just belong here... maybe even all year long!

If summer is more your thing you probably already know this is your season.  Light, bright, ocean blues, green, and as much a focus on bringing the outdoors in as possible.  Summer is also all about letting loose a little.  Things don't always have to be so formal.  Summer is about relaxing!  It's sunshine in a bottle and flip flops, even if it's just metaphorical during the winter months.

This East Hampton house screams summer.  Dive in to these rich whale blues, bright whites, and that pool (though I think if it were mine I would have added a punch of pattern on the chairs just for fun.)  What do you think?

This fun video shows how to add more color to your home in easy ways!


Designer Dan Scotti,  Architects: Schulz Peabody Design Group, Photography:

Video and Photos First Seen on Architectural Digest